As a 10-year-old, my first entrepreneurial venture was developing a wasp nest extermination company in my neighborhood. It involved a hose, shoes, and speed. I knocked on the doors, got the clients and fired the hose. I convinced my friends to do the stomping once the nest fell. That’s when the entrepreneurial bug first got me.

To steal a phrase from Jay-Z, “I’m not an Adman, I’m an Ad, man.” – a marketing and advertising executive living in the wonderful San Francisco Bay Area.

With ideas and words, I have helped companies sell: life insurance, smoothies, pregnancy tests, votes, financial advisory services, cars, billable hours, tuition, funeral insurance, tires and doctor visits.

With ideas and words, I have helped non-profits persuade people to donate: organs, blood, and money.

I have worked with some awesome brands like; Jamba Juice, Bay Area Rescue Mission, Valley Pregnancy Center, Sutter Health, Allstate Insurance, Alameda Health System, California Transplant Donor Network, Creation Research Institute, The Master’s College, Pacific West Capital Group, Courtney Financial

What am I good at?

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Sales
  • Speaking
  • Getting stuff done.

How can I help you?

Let’s get a bit personal.

I live with my wife (that’s always a good idea), Tiffany and three other men: Maverick, Greyson, and Caedmon (my sons).

We reside in a small hamlet outside of San Francisco called Crockett.