How to Live a Boring Life

“Approximately 11,000 careers each year die of stubbornness.”

Ok, I have to admit something. By “approximately” I mean “I just made that number up.” But I know it’s more.

And I stole the idea from this:

This is an ad for prostate cancer. Oh, and apparently you don’t need Facebook to respond to ads. Check this out:

This year thousands of men will die from stubbornness and this is a response


Anyways, it is true. Thousands of careers die from stubbornness. The unwillingness to try anything different even though you are stuck in the mundane. This stubbornness and unwillingness is utter madness.

They say madness is trying the same things over and over again expecting different results. Madness is also wanting something different and doing nothing different to get it. 

You have dreams and ambitions. They won’t come to you. They won’t just happen. You need to try different things. You need to experiment. You need to do.

I have learned this in sales and in losing weight.

  1. Sales

No matter how big your sales goal is, merely having it on paper or pixels does nothing. To actually hit those goals, you have to network, prospect, call, drop-in, write a note, write a blog, write an email. You have to learn and experiment, take notes on what works and what doesn’t for various personality types.  

You have to mind the process, trust the process and change-up the process. You need to be persistent without being a pest. And if it’s important enough for the client, you need to be a pest. You have to be willing to be wrong and adjust your strategy.

I do things my way and have been doing it for years. It’s the economies fault, not mine.”  – Stubbornness.

  1. Losing weight

No matter how much you plan on losing by the time summer hits, if you do not wake up every day and build your willpower and determination the only thing you will lose is your goal of losing weight. You need to run, close your mouth, change your taste buds, shop differently, eat less, make new friends, find new restaurants, wake up early, battle your mind, battle your emotions.

You need to trust the process and adjust the process to make the gains you are aiming for. It is a life change, meaning you have to admit that you’ve been wrong.

It’s my body type, I’ve been big since before I can remember. It’s my genes fault, not mine.” ~ Stubbornness.

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How can you beat stubbornness? I don’t have all the answers, but here is how I try to fight it.

    1. Focus on a few. You won’t accomplish EVERYTHING, but you can accomplish SOMETHING. Pick one or two areas in your life you want to conquer. Write them down, look them in the eye and get ready to fight, fight, fight.
    2. Find a greater reason. If you are just in it for the money, the fame, the six-pack, the success, you will fail to find contentment. You have to find a bigger, more impactful reason. When I focused on just the money in sales, I failed. It was a quick burst, but the flame would die. When my reasoning was focused on changing the statistic that 80% of small businesses fail and when I remember my own dad’s business that failed simply due to the fact that he didn’t keep up with the times, I am charged up to help reverse those numbers. To come alongside the struggling business owner and help him with the changing landscape of marketing. My reason is them.
    3. Be comfortable being uncomfortable.  This is the biggy. A comfortable life is a slow death. The “American Dream” is a nightmare. We were made to get outside of ourselves and serve others. We were made to make great things, do great things and create great things. This is uncomfortable. It would be easier for me to Netflix right now (even though it is 5 AM) than to write this. It would be easier for me to sleep in instead of going to the gym in the morning. It would be easier for me to NOT try something new, make that call, write that post, say hello, open the door. Every day do something uncomfortable.
    4. Do it.


I’ll stop there.

Please, don’t become one of the 11,000. It’s hard, it’s uncomfortable. But the alternative is death.

p.s. Prostate cancer does kill too many men. You are a man, be a man and get it checked out.  And if I were an urologist, BOOM, native advertising.

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