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Stop Admitting Your Problems

Whoever said, “the hardest part of losing weight is first admitting you need to lose weight” was just trying to sound inspirational.

It’s a load of waffles. And let me tell you why.

I was 70 pounds (that’s pounds with a big, fat “P”) overweight. It wasn’t muscle and my bones are normal size. I didn’t have to admit I needed to lose weight. There was no “Ah-ha” moment for me when I stood in front of the mirror bare-chested and was suddenly struck with the thought “maybe that’s not normal?”

There is a reason I wore a shirt in public pools (it wasn’t some hidden allergy to chlorine, sorry fat kids for revealing your lie). There is a reason my pants were as round as they were long. There is a reason I couldn’t see my toes.

I was fat and I knew it.

I knew it for some time. But I did nothing. The hardest part wasn’t admitting it.

The hardest part was that one day I got up from the couch and decided to do something.

The hardest part was forgoing the handful of wheat thins and instead grabbing soggy green beans, putting them in a ziploc bag and shaking some parmesan cheese over it. The hardest part was eating that.

The hardest part was waking up every day and trying to run. Have you ever seen a fat kid run? Imagine being the fat kid.

The hardest part was giving up pizza. Man, I love that stuff.

What are you admitting you need to change and not changing? Simply admitting gets you nowhere. Admitting you are in a sinking boat still leaves your pants wet.

Admitting does nothing, action does everything.

Maybe you are admitting that you need to stop watching so much Netflix and instead write. Stop admitting, start writing.

Maybe you are admitting that you need to spend more time with your family. Stop admitting and take a walk this evening to the park with your kids.

Maybe you are admitting you are not happy. Stop admitting and start serving someone, getting your mind off yourself.

Come over here, man who claims “admitting your problems is the most important part”, I have to admit that I want to punch you.

Take action. Small action, big action – little difference. Take action.



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