How to Sell like a Girl Scout, Lead like a Coder and Start a Franchise like an 8th Grade Dropout

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The internet is chock-full of stuff. Stuff that can help, hurt or just take up space. This is my way of vacuuming up some of that stuff, leaving you with the only three articles you need to read today -hence, the “Daily 3″.

Enjoy! Learn! Share!

This 13-year-old Girl Scout sold over 22,000 (say it slowly … twenty-two thousand) boxes of cookies. And even better than all that dough? The sales lessons – what a treat!


“Ask folks who work for you what their one-, three-, and five-year goals are (personal and professional), and do everything you can to get them there.”  This is not leadership mumbo-jumbo, this is 20 years of learning and experience from @mlevchin


This 8th-grade dropout invented the food truck (right after World War II) and if you live on the east coast, you are probably sipping his beverage right now. Never give up. Never give excuses.  from @BillMurphyJr

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