Why You Are Not: Closing Sales, Succeeding in Your Career or Making a Difference

Welcome to the Daily 3

The internet is chock-full of stuff. Stuff that can help, hurt or just take up space. This is my way of vacuuming up some of that stuff, leaving you with three of the most important articles you need to read today -hence, the “Daily 3”.


Today’s Daily 3 is jam-packed, you may even want to save some for tomorrow.

  • The prospect HAS a need and CAN afford it; will you be the solution? Read @msuster article to improve your chances of landing that sale http://bit.ly/3daily
  • If you had only one article to take with you on a desert island, I feel bad for you. Articles can’t feed you. You would die. But if you had only one article to read and reread throughout your career, this one from @Jason, is it. http://bit.ly/1JK5lVa
  • And it’s Monday. If you haven’t signed-up for his weekly blog, shame on you. Roy H. Williams is a wizard.  Here is one nugget (I’m on a gold kick today) that I pulled from today’s read from @MdayMorningMemo: “Pick a purpose and then lower your head and charge.”  http://bit.ly/1fi59jm

// @JasonTheHanson


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