A New Way to Find Prospects for Your Business

He didn’t let me say a word. I think the sizzle from my Italian breakfast got more in the “conversation” than I did.

With every question I posed – he shot it down.

“I hate computers, I hate how much time people are on the phone – it’s all lies. Why would I want to waste my money with it?”

I was dead in the water. No matter what I said, this guy was going nowhere.

“There is nothing you can do that will help.”

At least he decided to have breakfast with me. It only took three years to set the first appointment.

Three years.

I had a small heart attack when I finally set the date. And there I was, sitting in front of him, dead in the water.

What should I do? Was there something I could have said? What’s that one question that would have changed his mind?

You know what I could have done?


This fish was not hungry. As a matter of fact, it hated food and there was no convincing it otherwise.

We need to conserve our energy. As Chris Young of the Rainmaker Group says,

Trying to sell to a non-believer is an exercise in extreme futility.

Instead, focus your energy on those who know they have a need. Even if it is a slight realization.

Don’t get me wrong, we still need to convince. There are times that shifting the thinking of our clients will take place. They may need to look at something in a different light. They may need better questions, examples or case studies to help them see their problems more clearly.

But for those who are at, “why the heck should I even be talking with you …” give them a smile and move on.

You will never convince a plastic fish it is hungry. Spend your energy with hungry fish.

Go to Thumbtack right now to find some hungry fish.

Thumbtack is a service that connects fishermen with hungry fish. You get to set up your profile, highlight your expertise and show off your work. You get to throw out the best bait you can and let Thumbtack take care of the rest.

Say Keira owns a boutique salon and is in need of a videographer. He wants to shoot a few testimonial videos.

All John does is submit the project, his needs and a budget. He is a hungry fish in need of some food.

What happens next?

The line moves, your reel bends – there is something on the other line.

You receive a text.

Thumbtack Lead: Keira R. needs a videographer in Oakland.

You get:

  1. True interest

  2. Realized need

  3. Opportunity to serve

If you want to follow the lead, you pay a small fee to message them directly to pitch them your service.

“Does it work?

In two weeks I have received 2 clients and three potentials.

Thumbtack is a great way to interact with hungry fish.

“Is this my only form or lead generation?

No way!

I have many poles in the water:

  • Networking
  • Referrals
  • Opening doors for people
  • Warm-calls
  • Social Media
  • Thumbtack
  • This very post (are you hungry for some powerful marketing ideas)
  • Talking to people in the elevator
  • Podcast/Radio program (in the works)
  • Smiling


You get the picture.

Talk to hungry fish. This will save you a bunch of time and money and frustration and awkward breakfast meetings that took 3 years to book.

This is not the easy way out, it’s the smart way in.

Hungry fish are not necessarily hungry for your solution. As a matter of fact, they probably know nothing about you. Hungry fish do know they have a need, a problem that they want fixed.

“I want some worms!”

Find those hungry fish.

What do you use to find hungry fish? Would love to hear your thoughts.

p.s. here is my Thumbtack profile is you want to check it out